Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today's game is brought to you by the letter B!  That's right folks, I have finished the games starting with numbers and A.  Yay!

B.O.B. is a typical platforming game brought to us by none other than Electronic Arts.  And it sucks.  What's that?  You want some back story?  Okay.  I hate EA as a company, and I usually transfer that rage onto their games.  However, for the sake of my quest, I will put aside my hatred and attempt to play and judge their games with fairness and equality.  With that being said, this game still sucks.

We start the game with an intro so boring, that 90% of the text actually says "blah blah blah".  This was probably done in an attempt to be funny, but it fails.  Basically, you play an alien, (that looks like a Thri-Kreen from the D&D Dark Sun settings), who crashes his dad's flying car on the way to picking up his date.  And I've already lost interest...good job, game.

Thri-Kreen: The very definition of overpowered.
One thing I can't bitch about is the controls.  Every button is used, and yet it remains very simple to learn.  Punch, jump, gun, remote.  Shoulder buttons cycle through the various guns and remotes.

I can, however, bitch about the music.  90% of the music in this game is horrendous.  For example, the intro music actually hurt my ears with its high pitched squeels and beeps.  And the sound effects are complete garbage.  There are some catchy songs in this game, all of which are techno\synth and somewhat fit the setting for this game, but they are far and few between.

Graphically, this game isn't very impressive either.  The sprite animation is decent, but this game lacks in everything else.  The stage designs are boring, unimaginative, and almost as generic as the enemy designs.

I had the same expression on my face throughout this entire game.
The gameplay is what you would expect.  It's a platformer that offers nothing new.  It's fairly easy and offers no real challenge.  Take a bare platformer, slap the alien in it, throw in some corny 90's catch phrases, and voila!  You have B.O.B.

I can't say that this game disappointed me, as I really didn't expect much to begin with.  I went in expecting a lame excuse for a platformer, and EA delivered.  Yay for them.  1 boring enemy out of 5.  Not a good way to start off a new letter, EA.


Hiphop Rising said... [Reply]

at least the dog got a nap

MikeyB said... [Reply]

I hate games with shitty music..a.k.a. any japanese game lol

Suciô Sanchez said... [Reply]

The dog would make a better game character.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Meh, you can't have all good games. At least you got a couple good ones back to back! <3

Leddi said... [Reply]

EA games... dissapointment... business as usual here then >.>

IDDQD said... [Reply]

You took the words right out of my mouth, Leddi o.O

Major.Mack said... [Reply]

good man... You never see people posting good negative reviews; kudos from a fellow Hater!

Mr Bouchard said... [Reply]

EA were pretty bad at making games. They still are lol

David Davidson said... [Reply]

The letter B B B B B

John said... [Reply]

I hated this game

HTT said... [Reply]

nice review !

Copyboy said... [Reply]

It's so funny, 'cause I have such a high opinion of EA's games today.

tigey said... [Reply]

Yea, this seems like a shitty game

Kevin said... [Reply]

I like the music sounds.

Amberclad said... [Reply]

love the music =)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I never played this game, but by your review and the look of looks horrible lol

Colin B said... [Reply]

But it seems to have such a well thought out plot!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Doesn't look to good.

Come At Me Bro said... [Reply]

Sweet game!

SpringyB said... [Reply]

Haha, is it bad that immediately knew what a Thri-Kreen looked like?

Don't worry though, there are s few good games in B. It also means I have to get around to reviewing Brain Lord before you get to it >_>.

Gucci Mama said... [Reply]

One time I played Super Mario Brothers. For approximately an hour. Thus concludes my gaming experience.

Das Auto! said... [Reply]

sounds somewhat mundane, that's cool that they use all the buttons tho. probably won't be checking this one out, thanks for the review!

Shimizu said... [Reply]

i hate the letter b

Seion said... [Reply]

Aw, sorry to hear the start of B was a disappointment. Here's hoping your next game is more enjoyable.

Marlene said... [Reply]

I haven't played anything since Super Mario Brothers. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Gurney said... [Reply]

Great start in the b's lol

kokojesta said... [Reply]

looks AWSOME bro :)

Super Rehab Clinic said... [Reply]

Wow this is something ive been looking for for a long time! Nice reviews on many of your games you got going! Looking forward to seeing more hehe >=)

whatshouldibuytoday said... [Reply]

sure brings back some nostalgia...

Das Mostrencxs Information & Intellingentsia Sistema said... [Reply]

I did'n play it, so I didn't waste my time according to this review.

Astra said... [Reply]

sounds like a bad game.

ThatGuy said... [Reply]

Looks like the dog had a better time than you.

Justsayin' said... [Reply]

Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding out this game sucks. Great post :)

HTT said... [Reply]

no new post ?

Krichevskoy said... [Reply]

Ea is a letdown these days

icequeen100 said... [Reply]

Oh my Christ, I remember playing this game. I am so ashamed...

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