Saturday, December 4, 2010


Oh look, a fishing game.  (Too tired to make a witty comment)

Bass Masters Classic is a game in which you fish for bass.  You will never catch bass, but that is the goal of the game.  In fact, you will catch everything else, from pike to trout, but no bass.  Bass do not exist.  One might even say that the bass is a lie.

Alright, when I play a fishing game, I expect to be on a boat with a selection of lures and reels and such.  But not in this game.  Oh no, you have to first buy everything you will need from the reels and rods to fish finders and boat engines. Of course, you don't have the money for jack shit, so buy whatever you can afford and get on your boat.  You also have to navigate the boat, which is incredibly difficult due to the...

I'm on a boat, mother fucker.  Don't you ever forget. 

Fucking controls.  When you are in the boat, it is nearly impossible to steer the thing straight.  Expect to get caught up in rocks and spend the next 15 minutes trying to get unstuck.  Then there's the casting controls.  First you place the cursor where you want to cast, then it has one of those gauges that require you to push the button right as it hits the line.  Don't bother.  I've hit that line dead on at least a dozen times, and it still casts wherever the hell it feels like.  Last, there's the actual fishing controls.  Meh.  Requires expert timing, but it is the least flawed of the bunch.

The music in this game is...unique.  When you are fishing, it basically sounds as if you are underwater, complete with the annoying bubbles coming out of your ears sound.  However, the music for the rest of the game is one 10 second sample looped into oblivion, so make sure to turn that crap off as soon as possible.

Remember, it's okay to listen to water, but don't try to sing along.

There are not many visuals in this game.   There's water, the boat, your lure, and 4 types of fish.  They're decent.  The cut scenes, however, range from strange to just creepy (like the guy starring at the tv in the ending below).  I don't think that was what they were going for, but that's what we got.

The gameplay for this is VERY realistic, because I can't catch fish in real life either.  Unfortunately, I do not enjoy this game as much as real life fishing.  However, I can not figure out what to blame for this.  This game genuinely pissed me off, and I have no idea why.  Maybe it's because it's challenging, but that is usually a good thing, so again...I don't know.

I'm giving this game 1 and a half geriatric fishermen out of 5.  If you like fishing games, you might actually like this.  I don't know.  I can only judge it based on how much fun I had personally, and that was next to none.  Tomorrow I get to review Bass Masters Classic PRO.  It's not even a sequel, it's a god damn "enhanced version", whatever the hell that means.

Pay attention during the 0:25 mark, it says I caught 0 fish and yet I won 1st place, and those 0 fish weighed a total of 113 lbs.  Glitch much?


cooperlife said... [Reply]

>>the bass is a lie

ImmaFrog said... [Reply]

Fishing games look so boring, but they're actually not bad at all.

Smile said... [Reply]

I like fishing but for a fishing game it's got some damn annoying music and bad graphics, maybe they did a better job in the enhanced version

Das Auto! said... [Reply]

i hate it when games are annoyingly difficult for no reason. sounds like a bad game, overall. thanks for the review!

Adrien said... [Reply]

I've never felt any incentive to buy a fishing game. It's nice and relaxing to fish in real life, but behind a computer screen I just feel like I'm wasting my time.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

LOL the bass is a lie! Too funny, and babe, some fishing games are amazing! This one looked like the one I was telling you about, but I don't think it was. I am pretty sure I played mine on the PC or the PS2 (maybe) idk. And as for RL fishing...none of us catch anything worth a damn at this lake lol teeninie fish are teeninie.

Seion said... [Reply]

Oh, sounds like you're going to have a blast with the PRO edition!

El Donny said... [Reply]

Hi mate
I just want to say I loved your review. At last someone talking common sense! LOL
Keep it up!

Lewis said... [Reply]

lov ur post ;)

Leddi said... [Reply]

You should post a sample of the water music :)

Also, that fisherman looks like he's having a stroke...

Justsayin' said... [Reply]

I played this before. Got bored with it pretty quick. G

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I always hated these bass games or games that had to do with fishing lol. They were so boring lol

Astra said... [Reply]

fishing games are pretty boring

Ayin said... [Reply]

Seems like they did a good job simulating the while fishing experience, turning what's supposed to be fun and relaxing into a never ending series of hassles

Buff Drinklots said... [Reply]

I like this one.

caretaker said... [Reply]

like it

Suciô Sanchez said... [Reply]

Can you beat up hookers to get the cash to buy your tackle?

Mathieu said... [Reply]

so much old school

CandleintheDark said... [Reply]


That is all I have to say

Tweeks Coffee said... [Reply]

intresting post..

Shimizu said... [Reply]

that sounded boring...

MikeyB said... [Reply]

i hate that game. alot hahaha

Tal Zahn said... [Reply]

I've only enjoyed one fishing game to this day: Blue Marlin for NES.

Even though it was relatively simple, it was fun as hell for me, haha. All other fishing games seemed either overcomplicated or like you described, boring.

Monster Madness said... [Reply]

Looks pretty fun. I never tried it :)

Super Rehab Clinic said... [Reply]

Lol! Zero fish gotta love glitches lmao

erica said... [Reply]

I used to play a bass fishing game. I wonder if i would enjoy this one.

Guy Movie Blogger said... [Reply]

I almost tripped out the other day at Best Buy when I saw they still made fishing games, except now they're on PS3 and Xbox 360. I've never known any one that plays them... crazy that they're obviously profitable enough they keep popping em out!

Mich9 said... [Reply]

google knows it :-D

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