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Let me make something perfectly clear before I go on.  I hate sports games.  Very rarely is there a sports game that I can tolerate, much less actually enjoy.  So 90 Minutes was a delightfully rare experience for me.

90 Minutes - European Prime Goal is a soccer game.  That pretty much sums everything up.  It doesn't offer anything new to the genre.  It will not dazzle you with fancy graphics.  You will not be amazed by its realistic AI.  So why is 90 Minutes a good game?  For one reason, and one reason only.


Regardless of who scores, you are presented with this wonderful scrolling text, and an excellent voice rendering of the announcer screaming GOOOAAALL!!  Win or lose, this ensures that whoever is playing is having a good time.  How many other games can say that?  Anyway, let's get on with the rest of the game.

Controls, every button does something, but the only one that will ever be used is power kick.  This is the ONLY way to score, as well as the most effective way to get the ball.  Keeping it simple is definitely the way to go with a sports game like this.

As for the game's sound, there is really just the GOOOAALL!! effect, and nothing else.  But in all honesty, is anything else needed?  Maybe if the crowd was blowing vuvuzelas like at the World Cup, but that would probably get old real quick.

Graphically, this game is a joke.  This could easily be mistaken for a regular Nintendo game.  However, this game is further proof that graphics DO NOT make the game.

And finally, when we break down the gameplay, it is a fairly simple game.  As long as you pick a good team, and mash the power kick button, anyone can win this game with little to no effort.  There are different modes of play, from the quick 1v1 against the computer or a friend, to league and World Cup championships.

90 Minutes is an average sports game made better with simplistic controls and amazing voice rendering.  Unfortunately, the novelty wears off and it suffers from a lack of replayability once you have beaten it.  Therefore, I give this game 3 vuvuzela blowers out of 5.


JillDine said... [Reply]

somethings wrong with your followers widget...cant seem to join =/

NeebBlog said... [Reply]

GOALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! haha hilarious

Frank Adams said... [Reply]

Great blog! :D

Yuki said... [Reply]

Seems as though I must dig this up :3

Kando N3ko said... [Reply]

goddamn vuvuzela.

Trimputes said... [Reply]

Lol, I used to like any game with just a twang of strange/awesomeness. I might get this one so I ca- GOAAAAALLLL!

Flav said... [Reply]

Most soccer games pre-Fifa suck.. Fifa 98 on the original Playstation rullez!!

Longkid said... [Reply]

Looks like a fun game! I love soccer!

grizz said... [Reply]

this sounds cool

Joey General said... [Reply]

I always seem to suck at sports games in the first 29 attempts.

Fan said... [Reply]

i get too angry playing football on ps2 haha unless its like 10:0 for me

Adrien said... [Reply]

I sometimes watch South-European soccer matches just to hear the commentators yell GOOAAALLLL like they didn't receive enough oxygen at birth.

Derek said... [Reply]

God I love games like these. I wish you tons of luck on your quest to beating dem games!

ElChristo said... [Reply]

I liked the animations on the old school soccer games :P
Nice blog btw. Shall be visiting regularly for new posts.
And your following widget works fine for me

Paddyg91 said... [Reply]

You should try and play ISS 64 it was really similar to this and was quality, only one thing? How're you going to complete a football game?

Classically Trained Nub said... [Reply]

@JillDine - I had to remove my slider script because it was having conflicts with the following widget. It should work now, and I'll get the slider back up as soon as I find the problem.

@Paddyg91 - Most SNES sports games have some sort of championship or tourney mode. Other than that, I have no clue.

musicnote said... [Reply]

one of my favs was TEcmo Bowl!

Barry White said... [Reply]

Tecmo bowl was the shit!

Reilly said... [Reply]

i really suck at them

The Greater Spartan said... [Reply]

HAHA nice blog hehe check out my reviews and blogs :)

Donkote said... [Reply]

lol its amazing how games like these will keep me entertained for hours

Sebastian said... [Reply]

@ Donkote

All the fancy new games are meant to last only mere hours so that you will get sick of it and buy a new game, ad infinitum.

Come At Me Bro said... [Reply]

This is great!

Yakoi said... [Reply]

The whole point of watching soccer is to hear the announcer scream GOOOAAALLLL!!!!!! Why would a video game give any less? Great review!

ilikeicecream said... [Reply]


MacPCharmony said... [Reply]

awesome info here... good job!

Mistah Goodman said... [Reply]

Nice reads, man. Now if I ever want to kill myself, I can come read what'll make me do it.

Can't wait for your next installment.

Barry White said... [Reply]

Great post! keep up the great work!

arnyke said... [Reply]

great post!

cupcakelady said... [Reply]

This is awesome! I love these games, this is an awesome idea for a blog!

Joe Flannery said... [Reply]

Sweet now for an enjoyable soccer game

darkmanx said... [Reply]

lol great review, from the pics i thought it was a nes game.


Fuuuuuuuu said... [Reply]

Great read! Looking forward to reading your next post.

s.c. said... [Reply]

I nostalgia'd and lost. I love these kinds of blogs, keep at it, man. I'm following.

IndustrialHaze said... [Reply]


DrFresh said... [Reply]

lool pretty sure i use to have this game back in the 90s. I dont much care for sports games either. but i thought it was pretty dec.

The Greater Spartan said... [Reply]


The Blizzard said... [Reply]

Haha, I always got a kick out of those sports announcers. xD

Tweek said... [Reply]


amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

cool, this works for me!

The Music Guru said... [Reply]

I had this game, was awesome.

The Situation said... [Reply]

Wait, so are you actually gonna buy every game and play it? Damn dude, that's hardcore. I wish you luck.

Mentals said... [Reply]

Looks like a cool game. :D


Wertz said... [Reply]

sweeet i love the feel of nostalgia on you site

Matt said... [Reply]


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