Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For a cartoon licensed game, this is actually pretty good.

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters is based on the 90's Nickelodeon cartoon by the same name.  To be honest, I do not remember much about the show other than Krumm was my favorite character, and the voice of Oblina always turned me on.  However, from what little I remember, this game seems to stay true to the source material.

Christine Cavanaugh also did the voices of Chuckie from Rugrats, and Dexter from Dexter's Lab.  This explains why I always had a raging hard-on when I watched those as a kid.
Starting the game, there is very little back story other than you're taking a monster test of some sort.  We're treated to small bits of voice rendering that actually sounds pretty good.  For a Super Nintendo game at least.  When the actual game starts, you will find yourself controlling all three of the main monsters from the show.  Already, we are off to a good start.

Controlling these characters is pretty simple, one button to switch, another button to perform their unique ability.  We also have the standard jump and attack, with a button to scare the shit out of people as well.  No problems so far.

Next up we have the audio aspect of the game.  The sound effects are decent, and the voice renderings are very good.  The background music provides an eerie vibe, and once again it follows the source material pretty damn good.

Another thing that they kept from the cartoon is the graphics.  Sprite detail is spot on, and the backgrounds look like they were taken from the show.  So far, this game is damn near perfect, especially for the tv licensed genre.

Last as always is the gameplay.  The stages are fun, the platforming is pretty good, and the boss fights require actual strategy.  My only real problems with the game revolve around the attack and the characters special abilities.  The standard attack is to throw garbage at the enemy.  This would be fine, except the characters throw them in strange arch movements that make it hard to hit anything.  As for the special abilities, they are pretty much pointless.  Throughout the entire game, I used Ickis's ability 3 times (on the same stage) and I didn't use Krumm's special at all.  Oblina's special is needed multiple times at different parts, which unfortunately means you will spend a majority of the game with her as the lead.

Maybe if Ickis's parents played ball with him, he would actually be able to hit something.
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters was a joy to play, and it's proof that not all licensed games have to be complete shit.  It is my pleasure to rate this game 4 screaming mouths out of 5, and it is definitely on my recommended list.


BökChöd said... [Reply]

Good review. I had no idea Chuckie was played by a girl. Then again, it's been a while since I watched Rugrats. Brought back memories.

spunchops said... [Reply]

Great fun!

IndustrialHaze said... [Reply]

only diploma I'll ever have.. :(

Wasteblade blogspot said... [Reply]

I loved that show.

Woahbajeez said... [Reply]

I nostalgiaed pretty hard there.

DrFresh said... [Reply]

never played that one, usually i steered away from tv and movie games. maybe i'll play it one day if i get the chance.

Swift Love said... [Reply]

nice, good stuff!

Gansita said... [Reply]

Well I also watched those cartoons but in Spanish, lol. I remember that Rugrats was a creepy cartoon 0_0

icøn¡c said... [Reply]

I never could beat that game. There was one part that was glitched I swear!

MacPCharmony said... [Reply]

I like this :P

Rnlxndr said... [Reply]

Great post!

glosey said... [Reply]

good god i love aahhh real monsters.
shit was bomb

Pope Smurf said... [Reply]

Oh man, 16 bits era were the best!!

CaptiveAudience said... [Reply]

Christine is hot.

Marc said... [Reply]

"Christine is hot."

I concur

Student said... [Reply]

Can't say I played it, but I enjoyed the cartoons.

Longkid said... [Reply]

Yeah Christine is hot.

ElChristo said... [Reply]

aww, i loved that cartoon! :D

dirtfarmer said... [Reply]

only just now did i remember there was a game to that show. i think i rented it.

Fuuuuuuuu said... [Reply]

lol, I don't throw like a girl...

Come At Me Bro said... [Reply]

This is great!

amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

nice, I like what I see!

WeeklySC said... [Reply]

Nice blog post, very informative.

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