Thursday, October 28, 2010


 Real Games - Adventures of Yogi Bear

Finally! The last of the "Adventure of.." games, and the only one that doesn't have a "the" in the title.

I'm just going to come out and say it, I have never liked Yogi Bear. In fact, I don't like the majority of so called classic cartoons. When I was at the right age for these cartoons to leave their mark, I was watching Thundercats and Transformers. If I was born just one or two years earlier, I would probably have a completely different outlook on these type of cartoons. Why am I ranting about cartoons that I don't like? Because the Super Nintendo loved to destroy these franchises with really bad games. There was, however, the rare exception. Games that were never rented or purchased because they looked and sounded like the same old generic cartoon licensed crap. But despite their appearance, a couple of these games were actually quite enjoyable. Adventures of Yogi Bear is the hidden pearl in a sea of mediocre shit.

Sorry Yogi, but you just can't compete with DAT ASS.
When I started this game, I was positive that it was going to suck. Just another generic platforming game based on a cartoon that sucked. I can happily say that I was completely wrong.

The controls for this game are as basic as you can get. Jump and pause. Normally, I would complain about how there is 8 buttons on the controller, but I think if they had added too much to this game that it would have made it less fun. It could have used a run button, but even that could have changed the game for the worse.

The music in this game was pretty decent. It uses a voice rendering of Yogi Bear at the beginning that was very impressive. Not a whole lot to say about the sound effects, other than they were better than most found in cartoon or movie licensed games.

The visuals in this game are a definite improvement over the dated cartoon style. The backgrounds were massively updated, and even the sprites make Yogi look better. I'm glad they went this route instead of trying to stay true to the source material like Rocky and Bullwinkle.

And now for what really sets this game above the others in the genre, the fucking awesome gameplay. This is a platform game. We have all played them, and for the most part, they are all the same. This game, however, tries something that wont be seen until much much later on more advanced systems. This game is easy enough for kids, but provides additional challenges for older and more skilled gamers as well. Each stage has various paths, each requiring different levels of skill. For taking the more difficult and challenging paths, you are rewarded with "Dream" Stages and ridiculous score multipliers. So regardless if you're just a kid or someone with cat like reflexes and ninja-esque platforming skills, this game is truly fun.

For your amazing gaming skills, you are rewarded with Dream Stages.  Sadly, they're nothing like this.
The Adventures of Yogi Bear was a very nice surprise, and a much needed break from the tedious shit that I have been playing as of late. I'm giving it 4 picnic baskets out of 5. I can't give it a 5, simply because the last set of stages are a major let down. They stray from the format in order to increase difficulty, but it only increases frustration. If something works, don't fuck with it.

Seriously?  You see this same scene multiple times throughout the game.  All they did was change what is says.  Lame.


Ben Dover said... [Reply]

I think I've worked with the sprites from this game. I made Yogi fight with Ryu :D

The Angry Vegetarian said... [Reply]

That sounds like a damn good game! After the tearing up of the cartoon I thought for sure you'd want to poop on the game. And from the looks of it we are around the same age. I've never liked the classic cartoons (with the exception of Tom & Jerry). I kind of matured with Thundercats and Transformers and Silverhawks, etc.

amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

haha, cool!

NePsuj said... [Reply]

where to buy a pet like this on the picture?

OblivionPictures said... [Reply]

Nice post. Interesting stuff!

Easy said... [Reply]

"hidden pearl in a sea of mediocre shit" haha nice buddy

ModerneFusion said... [Reply]

LOL! Happy Gilmore picture, freakin awesome !!

My internet explortion said... [Reply]

This game looks really fun lmao I used to love this show

Swift Love said... [Reply]

ooh, I saw ass, and I'm amped

MacPCharmony said... [Reply]

I love that booty too

tyler said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Classically Trained Nub said... [Reply]

@tyler Everything here is for the SNES. For now at least. Maybe in a couple of years, after I have defeated every SNES game, I might try genesis.

Flippy said... [Reply]

What system is this for? Snes? Atari? Haha. It looks like minutes worth of entertainment! :] Glad you enjoyed it though. I will be passing on this one. :P

Longkid said... [Reply]

I love yogi!

Koniworld said... [Reply]

niceee I love that booty too

Dan said... [Reply]

Haha good review. I like the picnic baskets! said... [Reply]

This game is very legit!

banon said... [Reply]

"get back in the cave, Here comes the ranger"

DavidMade said... [Reply]

I lol'd when I saw the happy gilmore picture.
Did you know they are making a Yogi Bear movie?!

Nostalgist said... [Reply]

girls and beer..almost as good as girls who serve beer :D lovely blog, I'll follow!

me said... [Reply]


aZZo said... [Reply]

haha awesome

Pope Smurf said... [Reply]

4/5. Pretty decent for a franchise game.

NekoArc said... [Reply]

I'm surprised that nobody has actually mentioned the Happy Gilmore reference. *adds this game to the want list*

Paul said... [Reply]

lol i remember renting that game because i had played everything else at my local shop

Beño said... [Reply]

those beers made me feel thirsty :D

la comédie said... [Reply]

nice post

xaltruismx said... [Reply]

Super Nintendo had some amazing games, but, as everything, many people tried to cash in on some fame. That happened to cartoons, many snes games from cartoons are just that, basic and tedious platforming with little effort being thrown in to make it a good game and those repetitive screens are really common on games of that type.

Fuuuuuuuu said... [Reply]

I need some beer right now

pCat said... [Reply]

woah dat butt

it took me a sec to realize that was body paint and not a costume >_<

Dex said... [Reply]

Hey, and there's movie coming out!

amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

Yogi makes me nostalgia :)

Telia Tuli said... [Reply]

what a wonderful pic that first one is

timeline1992 said... [Reply]

lol , nice post bro

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