Thursday, October 21, 2010


After the last game that I reviewed, I was curious how the final game in the trilogy would compare.  As with any movie licensed game, I was expecting some platforming action...but then I was thrown a curve ball out of nowhere.

Before we get to that, I have to finish off the history of the Addams Family.  The first movie did well in theaters, so they made a sequel.  Wanting to make more money, they made another Super Nintendo game based on it.  The End.  Oh, and they made a Broadway musical that opened this year.

I would like to see them find a hotter person to play Wednesday than Ricci.  Oh...okay than.  Please continue.
And now for the big surprise.  Addams Family Values is NOT a platformer.  This is the only movie licensed game that I can remember, and the only one of this specific trilogy, that gives us something other than the traditional platforming crap.  This game is actually an action adventure RPG of sorts.  On top of that, it's actually a pretty good one as well.

I started this game with the wrong mindset, and it took me a while to realize what the hell I was playing.  Once I got into the groove of things, it went a lot better.  The protagonist of this game is Christopher Lloyd, and he shoots lightning out of his hands.  And that is awesome.

I have a feeling that they fired the previous game developers, because this time around we have 5 buttons to use.  Action, talk, attack, map, and menu.  I'm only going to consider this to be 4 buttons, however, because the map is absolutely fucking worthless.  And on a game that requires A LOT of backtracking over vast amount of mazes, that is a inexcusable problem.

The audio is where this game shines.  Every area has different background music, and all of it is gloriously eerie and appropriate for the type of game this is.  Best of all, there is no fart sound effects!  Thank god.

Visually, Addams Family Values takes a step back from the previous game.  However, for a RPG type game, the graphics are still amazing.  In a complete opposite turn from the previous two games, they decided to focus more on the sprites and backgrounds, and less on the scenes from the movie.  This works a lot better because the actual game looks great, and the cut scenes are fucking hilarious.

Unfortunately, this game walks that fine line between challenging and annoying.  There are tons of puzzles and mazes to keep us having fun, but they are plagued by constantly forcing us to travel completely across the map to turn shit in.  There is also the issue of saving.  This game uses passwords, which is normally fine, but there is only one place in the entire game to get said password.  And it's out in the middle of bum fuck Egypt.  So that means more fucking traveling.

Addams Family Values is a one of a kind.  It definitely has its flaws, but I commend them for trying something new with the stale movie licensed genre.  I'm going to give it 3 Puberts out of 5.  And so ends the Addams Family saga on the SNES.  We laughed, we cried, and we fapped to Christina Ricci.  What more can I say?

And once again, a lackluster ending.


razortek said... [Reply]

wednesday is so sexy

SituationAbs said... [Reply]

Wednesday is quite delicious indeed.

Ben Dover said... [Reply]

A musical about the Addams Family, hmmm...
Sounds silly but fits the style at the same time.

Savage Nugget said... [Reply]

I heard about the musical and was actually quite interested in seeing it. :D

Fuuuuuuuu said... [Reply]

wow, she is hot

cannabis man said... [Reply]

wednesday is smokin said... [Reply]

My favorite!

Easy said... [Reply]

i would...

TeddyPin said... [Reply]

Love the Adams family!

OblivionPictures said... [Reply]

Great read!

Dan said... [Reply]

lol I was never a fan. I liked the 7th guest, but I was also like 6 when I played it.

amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

I would smash that

Gansita said... [Reply]

hehehe, I hope to see that musical at YouTube.

Swift Love said... [Reply]

wow, I never knew that she would turn out this hot

SpringyB said... [Reply]

Never played the game but it seems like a solid review.

Banks said... [Reply]

id hit that

JJ said... [Reply]

I think wednesday was my first crush

Freshman said... [Reply]

nice post! keep it up

The Angry Vegetarian said... [Reply]

I liked this one :)

newdaysofglory said... [Reply]

this is the only one of their games i liked as a kid

NekoArc said... [Reply]

Never played this one, I'll have to see if I can track down a copy for cheap.

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